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ei sivunumeroa

Tetramesa crassicorne (Walk.) comb. n.
(Hymen. Chalcidoidea. Eurytomidae)

M. F. Claridge: Tetramesa Walker 1848, a valid na-
me for Isosoma Walker 1832 in place of Harmolita
Motschulsky 1862, witha a short Discussion on so-
me Eurytomid genera. Ent. mon. Mag. XCIV (1958) p, 82:
A key to the Genera Decatoma, Eurytoma, Systole et
Isosoma = (Tetramesa). p. 84 a description of Tetra),
mesa crassicorne (Walk), syn. T. iarbas Walk., kuvan
kanssa. Englanti.

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