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ei sivunumeroa

Myopinae(Collin) Ent. Month. mag. XCV: PAG

The subfamily Myopinae is distinguished from
other Conopidae by having the antennal srtyle or
arista dorsal instead of apcal, and the anal cell
much longer than the second basal cell with its lo
wer outer cornermuch produced.

Table of genera:

1(8) Proboscis twice bent or hinged, once near
base, and again halfway (or more) towards tip.
2(3) End of first vein separated on costa from
end of second by a considerable distance.
Third vein ending close to end of second.
Basal abdominal sternite bare..Sicus Scop.
3(2) Ends of first two veins very close together
on costa, and usually more or less fused.
End of third vein a long way from end of
4(5) Prothoracic episternite (sclerite between
humerus and the bristle-bearing sclerite
above base of front coxae) bare, and jowls
below eyes deep at least half verticai dia-
meter of eye). Usually no hairs or bristles
on posterior margin of hind coxae Myoga F.
5(4) Protoracic episternite bearing distinct
setae,if (rarely) bare, jowls below eyes
much less deep (less than half verticai dia-
meter of eye), and hairs or bristles present
on posterior margin of hind coxae.
6(7) Antennae very short, second joint shorter
than third. Jowls deeper, about half verti-
cal diameter of eye. A pair of fine outstandin
postvertical bristles but no verticals. Not
British, Finland.........Melanosoma Desv.
7(6) Antennae longer, second joint at least as
long as third. Jowls less than half vertical
diameter of eye. Distinct vertical as well
as postvertical bristles..Theconhora Rond.
= Occemyia Rob.-Desv.
8(1) Proboscis hinged only once, near base. End
of first weinwell separated on costa
from end of second, but connecned to it
there by a crossvein.......Zodion Latr.

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