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ei sivunumeroa


6 (1) Wings often with clouded patches, or at
least with middle crossvein either dis-
tinctly infuscated, or whitish. Lower margin
of jowls with long whitish "beard"!
No posteroventral short stubby spinose
bristles on hind femora similar to the an-
teroventral ones, or at most only a few
much smaller ones. At least hind
tibiae without closely adpressed spinose
bristles beneath about base. Sixth male
abdominal tergite with far less indica-
tions of being fused with seventh and eigth.
7 (8) Middle crosvein whitish...... Buccata L.
8 (7) Middle crossvein obviously infuscated.
8 (10) Thorax dark behindona broad. middle stripe
rigth up to scutellum. Wings practically
without clouds except for the strongly
infuscated middle crossvein. Hairs on upper-
part of facial orbits mainly pale and the-
refore inconspicuous..testacea L.
10 (9) Thorax not dark behind quite up to base of
scutellum. Other parts of wing in addition
to middle crossvein infuscated. Usually
some black hairs on upper part of facial
orbits, but often mainly pale in polystigma.
11 (14) Longer haired species, especially those hairs
on disc of last two abdominal tergites
longer than first joint of hind tarsi.
12 (13) A particularly long-haired species, many
of the hairs on facial orbits considerably
longer than length of antennal style, and
hairs on all tibiae particularly long, many
more than twice as long as tibia is thick.
Abdomen of a somewhatt dingy orange-yellow
colour. Ptero-, steno -and hypoleura with
conspicuously darkened patches. All tibiae
only hairy beneath, with no indications of
posteroventral adpressed spinose bristles
about base ....wicaria Wlk. (pilosa Ringd.)
13 (12) Hairs on facial orbits, shorter, particularly
so in female, and hair on tibiae much more
uniformly yellowish. Four anterior tibiae
with a posteroventral row of short, very
adpressed spinose bristles about base. Sixth
male abdominal tergite less dusted about
base especially when viewed from above...
.....................strandi Duda.

[aukeaman seur. sivu]


Myopa ater Collin (jatkoa)

14 (11) Shorter haired species. Hairs on disc of
last two abdominal tergites not lon-
ger than first joint of hind atrsi.
15 (16) Palpi tawny brown. Last section of probosc.
short, shorter than front tarsus. A smaller
blunt tooth (paralobe) at end of each side
of male genital tergite. Posteroventral
hairs next to bare space beneath hind fe-
mora near tip very short and fine......
...................polystigma Rnd.
16 (15) Palpi distinctly yellow. Last section of
proboscis longer, about as long as front
tarsus. A larger blunt tooth (para1obe) to
male genital tergite. Posteroventral short
setae next to bare space beneath hind femo
ra somewhat stout (rather spinelike
.................... extricata Collin.

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